Series 4 - Episode 7
Do Not Disturb
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Director:  Ben Bolt
Writer:  Richard Stoneman
Martin receives his formal offer for the position in London and courtesy of Pauline, who steamed open
the letter, everyone in Portwenn now knows he's leaving.  Unsatisfied with the reference letter Martin
has provided her, Pauline decides she will only work to the letter of her job description.  Martin's
reaction is simple: he fires her.  Martin is also scheduled to attend a medical conference where Edith
Montgomery will be giving a lecture.  She's only booked one room at the hotel for both of them and
Martin doesn't seem at all comfortable.  An unexpected encounter with blood in the hotel's kitchen
tests him.  Back in Portwenn, Bert Large throws a baby shower for Louisa, where she is surprised at
the large turn out.  Aunt Joan meanwhile decides to open up her house as a B&B but her first guest
leaves a lot to be desired.
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Martin Clunes
Dr Martin Ellingham
Caroline Catz
Louisa Glasson
Stephanie Cole
Joan Norton
Ian McNeice
Bert Large
Joe Absolom
Al Large
Katherine Parkinson
Pauline Lamb
John Marquez
PC Joe Penhale
Lia Williams
Edith Montgomery
David Ross
Ted Nugent
Nick Cavaliere
Room Service
Matthew Baynton
Junior Chef
Christabel Muir
Village Crone 1
Frog Stone
Village Crone 2
Kate Bowes Renna
Village Crone 3
Jane Spurr
New Patient
Benjamin Symes
Male Patient
John Macneill
Waiting Patient
Beth Scott-Hewlett
Claire Skelcey
Harry Long
Melanie Downs
Greek Chorus