Series 6 - Episode 2
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Director:  Nigel Cole
Writer:  Ben Bolt
With Louisa back at work the Ellinghams hire nanny Mel but she keeps scratching and when Martin tells
her she has an infection caused by obesity she leaves.  Fortunately, Mike Pruddy steps into the breach,
impressing Martin and allowing him to take Louisa to the school play.  Here they meet chair of governors
Dennis Dodd and his younger wife Karen and ask them to dinner.  The dinner party is awkward as Martin
believes Dennis is drunk and tells Louisa when they have to tend to baby James, unaware that their
guests can hear them on the baby monitor.  Whilst Morwenna inherits a house and takes Al in as a
lodger, Ruth is roped into doing a phone-in for local radio and takes a call from Joe Penhale, under an
assumed name, worried that he has no friends.  She advises him to be nice to everybody so he takes
her at her word, reluctantly arresting Dennis, who has crashed his car.  But when Dennis later has a fall,
Martin discovers that his slurred speech is due to his having Parkinson's Disease.
Martin Clunes
Dr Martin Ellingham
Caroline Catz
Louisa Glasson
Eileen Atkins
Ruth Ellingham
Ian McNeice
Bert Large
Joe Absolom
Al Large
Jessica Ransom
Morwenna Newcross
John Marquez
PC Joe Penhale
Felix Scott
Mike Pruddy
Rosie Ede
Richard Cordery
Dennis Dodds
Katie Lyons
Karen Dodds
Felicity Montagu
Caroline Bosman
Maggie Tagney
Mrs Lumsden
Natasha Starkey
Crystal Lumsden
Ben Callon
Julian Seager
Scott Fleming
Mr Tinner
Kate Rawson
Iain Marshall
Buffy Davis
Pippa Woodley
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