Doc Martin Trivia
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is

  • Doc & Dog - the two dogs who have made life miserable for the doc
  • Patients - a visual look at all of the doc's patients
  • Locations - every filming location that I have been able to find - and the ones that remain a mystery
  • Wardrobe - every outfit worn by Martin, Louisa and James
  • Receptionist Fashion - a look at the wacky fashion sense of Doc's receptionists.
  • Misc Trivia - little tidbits dropped into the episodes

  • Action Martin - just what it says on the tin.  Martin running, jumping, rappelling (throwing lamps?)
  • Clocks - every time the doc is working on a clock - or a clock is the focus of a scene
  • Easter Eggs - Easter Eggs are gags that put into episodes that most people will not notice

  • Episode Titles - the literary reference for every episode title and how it relates to the storylines
  • Eye Patches - a lot of characters end up wearing eye patches in Portwenn
  • Food - every time someone is actively eating during a scene

  • Haemophobia - every time the doc blanches, holds his breath or throws up at the sight of blood
  • Interruptions - every time someone (or something) interrupts our lovebirds at a crucial moment
  • Look Back - any time Martin or Louisa watches the other walk away, or looks back as they are leaving

  • Louisa Standing Up - every time Louisa stands up for the doc
  • Martin Injured - Martin smacks his head, falls, is punched, etc quite often
  • Martin & James - every scene with Martin interacting with his beloved son

  • Martin & Louisa - every scene with the two lovebirds
  • Medical Speak - every time Martin goes into "Doctor Mode" when his emotions are near the surface
  • Mrs Tishell - every encounter with the doc - and there is always more going on under the surface

  • Nice Martin - the times Martin steps up, smiles or is nice for no reason at all
  • Patient Names - whenever the doc gets the patient names wrong - plus interesting patient names
  • Radios - lots of classic radios in homes, businesses, etc.  Here are all the radios I find

  • Rude Martin - the times Martin is rude to someone for no good reason
  • Sock Monkey - the Sock Monkey shows up in lots of scenes - also some of James' favorite toys
  • Storylines - the main storylines from each episode

  • Wedding Album - Louisa & Martin's Wedding Album created by fan Linda Eichorst.