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Doc Martin is
Born With a Shotgun
It's nighttime and the baby won't settle down.  Louisa is trying a
move that worked the night before (she calls it "stir the baby"),
but he just keeps crying.  Louisa hands him to Martin to try to
settle him and instructs him to dance.  Martin looks at her
skeptically, but gamely tries a side to side dance move.  Louisa
tries to tell him that he's not really doing what she envisioned
and then decides it's making him worse.  She takes him back

and starts her "stir the baby" move again.  Martin mumbles,
"Oh good God" and turns away.
It's morning and Louisa is sitting up in bed with the baby on her
lap.  Martin is lying beside her still asleep.  She says his name

to wake him up and before he seems completely awake she
tells him that she and James will move with him to London.  His
eyes slowly pop open and he turns toward her and says,
"Right."  Louisa hesitantly asks, "Oh.  Just 'right'?"  Martin
responds, "No.  Good."  Louisa softly says, "Good." and smiles
lovingly down at Martin.  Just then, she is distracted by a
scratching noise and Buddy comes charging into the room and
onto the bed.  The baby is startled and starts crying, Martin
jumps out of the bed to chase the dog and the lovely moment

is over.
Martin is about to start surgery, Morwenna has arrived late on
her first day on the job, and the sound of the baby crying
upstairs is adding to his stress in the waiting room.  Martin

goes up to the bedroom and asks Louisa if there is any way
she can keep the noise down.  She turns from the crib and
sarcastically tells him that of course she can - she will just flick
the switch on the back of his head that turns him off for an

hour.  Martin tries to explain that it's not ideal for the surgery
and that maybe she could take him for a walk.  Louisa
sarcastically responds, "You're telling us to get out of the
house."  Martin attempts to defuse the situation by telling her
that it's a fact that the feeling of motion is soothing for babies.  
Louisa remains combative over him throwing "facts" at her.  

He starts to walk toward the door but hits on a new tactic and
suggests that she should send in her notice to the school if

she was serious earlier.  She turns and sincerely says that
she did mean what she said, but then gets her back up a bit
when she tells him that she has already written it but just

needs to post it.  Bingo!  As Martin leaves the room he matter
of factly says, "Good time to go for a walk."  Louisa sighs,
goes to pick up the baby, and says loudly enough for the
retreating Martin to hear, "Okay.  Come on then...ALBERT!",
turning her head toward Martin as she says the name so he
won't miss it.  Martin slides back into the doorway and says,
"Albert?"  She tells him that they can't just keep referring to

him as "the baby", an he says, "Yes, but ALBERT?"  Louisa
says he needs a name and sarcastically throws out a few
suggestions, ending with "Elton".  She uses her hand to

dismiss him and tells him he has patients waiting and they
won't be in his way as she grabs a blanket and throws it over
her shoulder.
It's early morning and the baby is crying in his crib.  Both
Louisa and Martin are still sleeping.  Martin sits halfway up
and kneads Louisa's shoulder a couple of times and says
"Louisa, Louisa".  She opens her eyes and turns to look at

him.  He points to the crib and sleepily says, "The baby", and
plops his head back down on the pillow.  She stares at him for

a couple of seconds and just as she starts to turn toward the
crib they both sit up as they have heard a noise downstairs.  
Martin gets out of bed and slowly starts toward the bedroom

door when he hears a song playing on a radio.  Martin walks
into the living room in his pajamas and sees Morwenna starting
her working day early (half past six) in the kitchen.  Louisa
follows, also in her pajamas holding the baby.  Louisa explains

to her that there ARE boundaries and Martin throws her out.
Martin is closing up for the day in his consulting room when
Louisa walks in with the baby in her arms dressed to go out to
meet her friend Pippa.  Fishing for a compliment, she asks him
how she looks and he says she looks a bit flushed.  He checks
her pulse and says it is fine and she sarcastically replies that it

is the closest she's going get to a compliment - her regular
pulse.  Martin seems a little bewildered - he didn't pick up on
what she was asking.  She then says that it feels wrong to go

out and leave the baby.  Martin takes the baby from her arms
and quietly tells her she has nothing to worry about and then
actually makes a small joke.  "Apparently, I have some medical
training."  Louisa reminds him about checking his diaper and
reading him a bedtime story.  She says that he especially

seems to like the one about the talking fire engine.  Martin
scoffs at the notion that he would understand what is being
read to him.  This time Louisa throws out the line about
"studies have shown..." regarding reading to babies and their
development.  Martin agrees with her.  Louisa haltingly say

"Bye" to her men and heads toward the door with a look that
says she is uncertain about leaving.  Martin sort of playfully
holds the baby up in the air and wiggles him about.
It is evening, and Martin is sitting on the sofa in the living
room with the baby lying next to him with pillows all around
supporting him.  Martin appears to be writing in a book and
stops to reach over and tickle him on his belly.  He looks back
at the baby and decides to put the book away and picks up a
medical journal.  He quietly tells the baby about the article, the
author's name, and what the article is about.  He then turns

the magazine and shows him a picture of the author and the
baby looks interested in what Martin is showing him.  Martin
starts reading the article out loud and the baby breaks into
giggles as he watches Martin.  As Martin is quietly, but
expressively reading the article to the baby, Louisa silently

walks in the back door.  As she quietly closes the door, she
stops to listen and then softly walks over to the opening to the
living room peeking around the wall to see Martin engaged in
reading the article and the baby's rapt attention on his father.  
She smiles.
Cats and Sharks
Louisa shows up at Martin's back door while he is having
breakfast.  She is on her way to work and only has a minute,

but she has some notes with her thoughts on the details for the
christening.  Martin asks her who is taking care of the baby

today and she says that her mother is, of course.  Martin
seems a bit bewildered and stumbles with his words as her
tells her he thought he saw James being wheeled around the
village by a girl the previous day.  Louisa is annoyed at that

and tells him that her mother is looking after James today, just
like she looked after him yesterday.  She's running late and
hands Martin the papers.
Martin is out for blood.  He has just discovered that James
has been under the care of a teenager with an ankle tag for
the last two days.  He wheels James into the school corridor
and opens the door of the room where Louisa is teaching a
class.  Louisa can't believe that her mother has done this, but
assures Martin she will deal with it. Martin questions whether
Louisa should just hand him back to her mother and hope she
doesn't do it again.  Martin tells Louisa that her mother

"couldn't care less about our baby."  But Louisa strikes back,
"Oh, but you could.  A man who's about to leave his son and
move hundred of miles away for the sake of his career?  Oh,
yeah.  You really care about our baby."  Martin sputters,

"That's a complete distortion."  Louisa tells him that that's
enough, she is in the middle of a lesson and starts back into

the classroom.  Martin asks, "What about James Henry?"  
Louisa takes the stroller into the classroom and angrily tells
him it's not his problem.
Louisa's mother has a medical emergency and she has taken
her to Martin.  Since the ambulance won't get there in time,
Martin will have to perform a surgical procedure there in the
consulting room to save her life.  Louisa follows him into the
hallway and pleadingly asks him to look after her mother.  He
tries to reassure her that it is a simple and quick procedure.  

He calmly explains exactly what he will be doing during the
procedure.  It's the nicest and calmest conversation they've

had recently.
Louisa's mother is being loaded into the ambulance after the
successful surgery.  Louisa walks out on the porch with James
and tells Martin that she will take James with her to the hospital

in the ambulance.  She asks him if he is sure that her mother
will be okay and he says that she will.  As Louisa gets to the
back of the ambulance, she looks back at Martin and he says,
with a reassuring tone, "She'll be fine".  Louisa gives him a half
smile as she turns to climb into the ambulance.
It's evening, and Martin is washing dishes at the sink when he
sees Louisa walking up to his back door.  He opens the door

and she smiles at him.  He asks after her mother and Louisa
says that she is "comfortable, whatever that means."  She tells
him the consultant told her that Martin saved her mother's life
and that she is really grateful.  Louisa becomes a little tentative
and then asks Martin if he enjoyed being a surgeon again.  
Martin quietly tells her that he didn't do it for fun.  Louisa
counters that it must have been nice to get a bit of practice
before going back to London.  Interestingly, as she says

"going back to London", she looks into the room (she is still
standing just outside the doorway) and over to her left.  It

struck me that as she was talking about him going back to
London that she had a flashback of Edith sitting in the kitchen

(in that spot - over to the left) several times when she was
there pregnant with James.  It was almost like she needed to
reassure herself that Edith wasn't there, since she must be
aware that Edith lives in London.  Anyway, Martin is just

standing there and not responding to her and Louisa gets
uncomfortable again.  She then asks if he can watch James for
awhile.  Martin asks why and Louisa counters that he could just
say that he was happy to help.  He tells her that he "would be
happy to help, obviously."  Louisa explains that her mother
asked her to pop into Bert's Spanish night at the restaurant

and report back.  Louisa says that she assumes he doesn't
want to come and he quickly says, "No."  Louisa resignedly
says, "No.  I didn't think so."  She wheels James' stroller
through the door to Martin and thanks him.  As she turns to
walk away, Martin calls, "Uh...Lou..Louisa!"  She turns and
walks back to the door with an expectant look on her face and
he ask her to request that they turn the music off - it's very
loud.  Louisa has this look on her face that says, "I should
have guessed" and sarcastically says, "Yes Martin."  Martin
wheels James over next to the sink and tells him that he will

finish the washing up and "we'll have some fun."  
Guess Who's
Coming to Dinner?
It's Louisa's first day back to work after the wedding and there is
chaos in the house.  Morwenna has just come in late, there are
patients in the waiting room and the new childminder has not yet
arrived.  Louisa brings James to Martin and asks him to hold the

fort until the childminder arrives so she won't be late to work on
her first day back.  Martin seems to be trying to not fly off the
handle now that they are married, so rather than row in the
waiting room, he asks if they could have a word.  They go into the
kitchen (which, by the way, is a tip) and he tells her that surgery is
about to start.  They start a mini-row about the childminder just as
she walks in the back door.  Louisa gives Martin a peck on his

neck and he says, "What?"  Louisa says, "I said, I'll miss you."  
Martin starts to turn away embarrassed and says, "Yes".
Louisa has just put James to sleep and walks to the door of the
consulting room where Martin is at his desk working on a clock.  

She asks what he is doing and he invites her to come sit next to
him and starts to describe the repair that he is making.  It looks
like they are about to have a really nice moment when Louisa
mentions that tomorrow is their two week anniversary.  Martin
dismisses the notion because two weeks doesn't mean an
anniversary.  He turns back to continue the lesson on clock repair
and a disappointed Louisa gets up and leaves the room.  He looks
up to see her leave, and then just matter-of-factly returns to his
Louisa has come home from work to find that Mel, the childminder,
left Martin to look after the James on his own.  She asks what he
said to her and he insists that he just prescribed a simple medical
treatment and she few off the handle.  He hands James to her so

he can go back downstairs to finish with his last patient and she
follows him down the stairway.  Now they have no one to watch
James so that Martin can attend the school concert with her that
evening.  Martin offers to stay home with him, but Louisa insists

that he should be there.  Just then, Mike walks in.  Martin & Louisa
don't know him, but he was the one who fixed the electricity on

their wedding night and helped Aunt Ruth calm James down.  He
tells them that Aunt Ruth sent him to babysit for them so they can
attend the concert.  They are both hesitant, but Morwenna knows

all about how Mike saved the day for Aunt Ruth and so they
reluctantly decide that they can go.
Martin attends the concert and stands with Louisa at the reception
and has a short conversation with another mother.  Louisa asks

him to try to be more sociable, although he doesn't understand the
point of talking if there is nothing to talk about.  When a school
governor, Dennis Dodds, comes up to them, Louisa introduces
them.  Martin realizes from the conversation that he is important to
Louisa because he has the power to approve many of the
improvements she is trying to make. But what he doesn't pick up

on is that Louisa doesn't much like Dennis, but is only being polite
because of all the power he wields.  Out of the blue, Martin invites
Dennis (and his wife or partner) to dinner.  He turns to Louisa and
says, "What do you think, darling?"  Louisa is taken aback by this
public endearment, and says that it would be fine.  When Dennis
asks, "When?", Martin says, "Tonight?"  They quickly decide that
tomorrow would be better.  When Dennis leaves, Louisa glares at
Martin and her cluelessly asks, "What?"
On the walk home, Martin tries to explain that he was just being
sociable, but Louisa says that Dennis is a bore.  Martin insists that
he will be able to buy the food for tomorrow, so she doesn't have

to worry about it.  When they walk into the kitchen, they find Mike
rearranging all of their cupboards.  He says that he is maximizing
storage for them and rattles off James feeding, nappy changes

and sleep time with military precision (Mike is ex-army).  Louisa
goes upstairs to check on James.  Martin follows her up there and
expressed his pleasure at what Mike has accomplished around the
house.  As he goes to the door to go back downstairs he says,

"Tidy house, tidy mind."  Louisa counters that it WAS tidy.  Martin
dismissively says, "Yeah", and promptly bangs his head into the
door frame. Back down in the kitchen, Martin starts to ask Mike
about babysitting during the day when Louisa interrupts and says
that it is all sorted and they don't need Mike.  After he leaves,

Martin asks what they are doing about a childminder and Louisa
sarcastically says that she's sure he will think of something.  She
purposely messes up the pens that Mike and Martin had carefully
arranged on the kitchen table and walks out with Martin watching

her dumbfoundedly.
It's morning and Louisa is looking all over for some of her school
paperwork.  Martin suggests that maybe she should get her
paperwork done at school.  He has prepared James' bottle and
leaves it on the table when he leaves the room.  Louisa picks it up
and starts to shake it, but Martin hadn't secured the top and milk
splashes all over poor little James' face.
Martin and Louisa are preparing the meal and still are not in
agreement over whether Mike is the right person to watch James.  
The Dodds arrive and as Martin lets them in the door he can

already smell alcohol on their breaths - and they have arrived with
two bottles of wine.  Martin attempts to offer them something
non-alcoholic, but they insist they would like wine.  He pours a

very small glass, but Louisa intervenes and fills up wine glasses
for Dennis, Karen and herself, much to Martin's disgust.  As they
sit down to eat, Martin attempts to make small talk by asking if they
have seen a major sporting event recently, but the conversation
goes nowhere.  Karen asks for salt and Martin tries to deny her
request, but Louisa jumps up and gets the salt grinder.  When

Karen holds up her glass for more wine, Martin pours water for
her, but Louisa takes the wine bottle and pours it for Karen.  
Later, Karen attempts to reach for the wine bottle but Martin
moves it away from her and this time Dennis takes the bottle and
pours more.  When Martin and Louisa go upstairs to attend to

James they have a conversation about how horrid their guests
are.  Louisa refers to Dennis as a moron and says that they are
both drunks.  They don't realize, until they come downstairs with
James, that their entire conversation had been picked up by the
baby monitor and they return to their furious guests, who
immediately get their coats and leave.  Louisa blames Martin for
inviting them in the first place, but he insists that he did it for her.  
Louisa leaves to take James back upstairs, leaving Martin again
Martin and Louisa are having breakfast the next morning and
discussing the previous evening's disaster.  Martin reminds her

that she was the one who called Dennis a moron, and both of
them drunks.  She decides to go see Dennis before school to try
to smooth things over.  Louisa finds him at a building site and
they argue over the incident from the night before.  Louisa
exasperatedly turns to leave and runs face first into a glass door.  
Dennis laughs at her and it causes him to lose his balance and

fall off the balcony.  When Martin arrives at the site to attend to
Dennis, he sees the cut on Louisa's forehead, but she insists that

he first examine Dennis. After diagnosing Dennis' problem, the two
couples start to walk back to the surgery and Martin tells Louisa

that he will need to dress her wound.  When they get to the
surgery, he takes her into the consulting room first to assess her
injury.  He starts looking at her hairline and asks how often she
shampoos her hair.  He diagnoses her with dandruff.  As he turns

to get the a dressing, Louisa looks befuddled.
The Tameness
of a Wolf
Martin and Louisa are awoken by the fishermen bringing an
unconscious Robert Campbell to the surgery.  Martin asks Louisa if
she recognizes the man and then asks her to bring a glass of water
for the patient before she goes back upstairs to see to James.
Louisa is leaving for work and has a discussion with Mike about his
plans for James during the day.  Martin is standing with his back to
them brewing his espresso, but he is deep in thought after just
realizing that his haemophobia has returned.  As Louisa is leaving
out the back door, she says goodbye to all three of them and looks
slightly concerned that Martin seems unaware of his surroundings.
Martin comes home with the shopping and Louisa is folding the
laundry.  She tells James to say, "Hello daddy" and Martin walks

over to him and feels his forehead.  Louisa tells him about her day
and the confrontation with Bert over Becky Wead's review of his
restaurant.  She asks Martin if Becky really has food poisoning

and he tells her that he doesn't know yet, but that he wouldn't be
able to discuss it with her.  Louisa is upset that he can't help her

and as Martin is leaving the room, he mentions that she seems a
little tense.  Louisa pours out her frustration about the bad day

she had, that she has to leave James with a stranger and spends
all day counting the minutes until she can get home.  Martin's
response is that he told her she went back too early.  That
doesn't sit well with Louisa and she says she can't even get
James to eat now.  Of course, Martin throws more fuel on the fire

by saying that he ate an enormous breakfast and an even larger
lunch with Michael.  Martin leaves the room and Louisa says, "Oh
well.  Good for Michael!"
Aunt Ruth stops in the next morning and even though they had a
bad night with James, all seems calm in the Ellingham household.  
Aunt Ruth tells them that it is her birthday and Louisa gives her a
hug.  Louisa goes back to stand next to Martin and just gives him a
look and quietly says his name.  Martin only takes a beat to
understand her prompt and invites Aunt Ruth to lunch.  He is
rewarded by a smile from Louisa.  Another indication that they are
starting to develop a "couples shorthand."
Martin is attending to the wound on his hand when Louisa walks to
the door of the consulting room.  She expresses her concern about
his injury, but he insists that he is fine and manages to hide his
queasiness over the blood.  He asks about her day and she tells

him about her resolution with Bert over the restaurant review.  She
then tells him that Becky has now written something about him and
reads to him the critical review she wrote about her visit to the
surgery.  Martin's only real reaction is that she used a term that

isn't even a word, but he agrees with Louisa that it was pretty well
written for a 10 year old.  Louisa again asks if he is okay because

he looks very pale, but he insists that he is fine.  Louisa doesn't
buy it, but leaves him to it and he goes back to tending to the
Martin & Louisa
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