Series 5 - Episode 3
Born With a Shotgun
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Director:  Ben Bolt
Writer:  Jack Lothian
Aunt Ruth sees one of her neighbors, Michael Dunwich, stealing the hub caps off of her car.  She visits
the young man's mother but begins to wonder if the woman may be in the early stages of dementia.  She
also complains of stomach pains and a test reveals she has a very high level of arsenic in her system.  
Her wild claims that her son is out to kill her may have some truth to it.  Martin investigates with the
help of PC Penhale.  Bert Large is having problems maintaining his balance but isn't exactly following
the doctor's order.  Louisa decides that she and the baby will be going to London with Martin.
Martin Clunes
Dr Martin Ellingham
Caroline Catz
Louisa Glasson
Eileen Atkins
Ruth Ellingham
Ian McNeice
Bert Large
Joe Absolom
Al Large
Jessica Ransom
Morwenna Newcross
John Marquez
PC Joe Penhale
Miriam Margolyes
Shirley Dunwich
Andrew Lee Potts
Michael Dunwich
Peter Vaughan
William Newcross
Buffy Davis
Pippa Woodley
Greek Chorus
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