Series 7 - Episode 2
The Shock of the New
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Director:  Nigel Cole
Writer:  Julian Unthank
As Martin begins an awkward session with Rachel Timoney, Louisa returns with baby James, causing
tongues to wag.  She suggests a trial separation to save the marriage and Martin moves into a small flat
nearby.  Al opens his holiday home and has cause to be grateful to silent partner Ruth for disposing of
the mouse which freaks out the first guests, a quarreling couple who end up having to see Martin.  
However, Ruth has her own health problems and Martin dissuades her from taking a job in London whilst
Al's guests get Tasered by Joe Penhale following an argument with Bert over a lobster dinner.
Martin Clunes
Dr Martin Ellingham
Caroline Catz
Louisa Glasson
Eileen Atkins
Ruth Ellingham
Ian McNeice
Bert Large
Joe Absolom
Al Large
Jessica Ransom
Morwenna Newcross
John Marquez
PC Joe Penhale
Robyn Addison
Emily Bevan
Dr Rachel Timoney
Selina Cadell
Mrs Tishell
Melanie Walters
Heather Merchant
Bruce Alexander
Paul Merchant
Jason Baughan
June Marlow
Mrs Chubbin
Yasmin Wilde
Fiona Mason
Female Tourist
Benjamin Symes
Young Husband
Rebecca Hulbert
Young Wife
Emma Handy
Estate Agent
Julie Neubert
Mrs Harris
Emma Spurgin
Clare Milson
Ella Ainsworth
Becky Trevean
Greek Chorus
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